Suzie Price

 "2016 Australian Psychic of the Year"

also winner of 2014 Psychic "People's Choice Award" by the International Psychic Association,

Suzie is known as Ghost Whisperer Suzie and is one of Australia's top psychic mediums, astounding thousands of people with her accurate detailed messages from spirit. Suzie's book takes you on an inspirational journey through her life, sharing her experiences, her beliefs and her knowledge.

Suzie's book will inspire you and help you understand how to implement changes in your own life to create the life you want to live. I recommend anyone wanting to open their own spiritual awareness or wanting to make positive change
 in their life to read this book.

Please note* We are currently out of stock of my book but it can still be purchased through all major on line book stores.

by Suzie Price Just $20 +p/h available from shop section below

Suzie's debut album "Heart of the Universe" is a modern upbeat spiritual album of uplifting songs that are a compilation of chant and prayer, an expression of love, gratitude, and inspiration. The music and words can transform the listener into another state of mind and connect you to the positive flow of life. The lyrics are written using English and Sanskrit words to give the songs a strong positive vibrational energy. The songs are a mixture of soft rock/pop, blended with a spiritual meanings, which gives the album a modern twist on traditional spiritual music and makes the album unique with a wide appeal.


About Suzie

Awarded "2016 Australian Psychic of the Year" - Suzie has been working as a professional medium for over 15years, although she has had the ability to communicate with spirits since a near death experience as a child, but she didn’t begin using her abilities to help others until in her late twenties. The psychic messages that come to Suzie for her clients can be startling and astounding. She is such a clear and angelic messenger to the other side, her readings can unexpectedly take many people by surprise with specific details they can connect with. Suzie's kindness, honesty and accuracy in her readings are earning her a healthy reputation throughout Australia and beyond, she is now receiving many clients internationally as well. Suzie has been fully booked out well in advance for many years, her current waiting time for appointments is 15 to 18 months.

Suzie is also a published author of “Ghost Whisperer Suzie – Heaven on Earth”. Her book is an in-depth look into her life, and her mind. It takes you on an emotional journey as you relate on a personal level and then it opens your mind and helps to develop your own spiritual awareness and understanding enabling the reader to tap into their own natural abilities. To truly learn more about Suzie, this book will give you a complete look at and understanding of who she is.

Suzie is also a singer songwriter and had a successful singing career before her children were born. Recently Suzie has been putting some time back into her music and has just created her debut album "Heart of the Universe"!

In 2014 Suzie was awarded with the International Psychic Directory - 2014 Psychic "People's Choice Award" at the International Psychic Association Presentation Dinner. This was followed in 2016 when she was chosen as Australian Psychic of the Year.

When doing readings Suzie will connect with her own guides and also any spirits connected to her clients. Both phone and skype readings for clients on the other side of the world pose no obstacle for Suzie being able to make great connections for her clients. In personal readings for individuals Suzie may hold either your hand or a piece of your jewellery as she connects with spirit. She can also hold someone else’s jewellery and connect to them through it. Pictures can also be brought to the reading for Suzie to hold. Suzie will also use tarot cards in her readings and can also read palms. Many emotions can be unlocked as she brings through messages from the other side and tells you things about your past, present and future, she will often give names and describe people and things that only you would know. Suzie truly has "Super Natural Abilities".
Suzie does personal readings from her home and is also available for phone or Web Cam readings. Suzie will also travel to people’s homes for group bookings and psychic parties, in addition Suzie also travels extensively performing psychic stage shows and runs psychic development classes.

Suzie resides in the Hunter Valley with her much loved husband and children and pets. Suzie meditates daily and practices many new age beliefs. Suzie is a vegetarian and keeps her body clear of toxins.  She is a clear conduit to the other side. Suzie is a gentle compassionate and loving person who is down the earth and centred in peace and love.

All readings are fully booked out well over a year in advance. Please read the entire page before you book your reading.

If you would like to organize an appointment or appointments please fill out all the details on the booking form and your name will be placed onto Suzie’s Appointment list. *If all fields are not filled in then the booking request will not go through! If you have trouble sending through the booking form please email us from contact Suzie icon.

Once your name is on Suzie’s list you will be contacted with an approximate waiting time as to when we will be contacting you again to book and arrange a date and details for your appointment. We then arrange a date for your appointment(s). At this stage of the booking process, once a date and suitable time have been agreed upon a holding deposit is required to secure your appointment.

Types of readings;

  • Individual Personal Readings :- These readings are face to face, I will hold the clients hand or an object belonging to the client and tune into my senses to connect with spirit. I pass on information to the client from spirit and my guides as I pick up on other energies relating to the person about the past, present and future. I also do a tarot spread during the reading. These readings go for 1 hour and require a donation of $300 when you travel to Suzie at her home. Please note a $50 surcharge is added when Suzie is required to travel long distances, please check when booking. 
  • Phone Readings :- With phone readings I am able to connect with the clients energy through their voice, I tune into my senses and guides and bring through messages from spirit. I can also do a tarot spread with these readings. These readings go for 1 hour each and require a donation $300.00 each
  • Web Cam Readings :- With skype or live video readings I am able to connect with the clients energy through their voice and I can also see the client to make a visual connection, I tune into my senses and guides and bring through messages from spirit. I can also do a tarot spread with these readings. These readings go for 1 hour and require a donation of $300.00 each
  • Combined Readings :- (for couples or family members) :- I highly recommend couples or close family members to have a combined reading. With people who are close like couples or family members, often with couples they will have similar things come out in their reading and with family it is often the same spirits who are connected to the family will come through with similar messages. I offer combined readings so that I can do that part of your reading together and then if you also want individual time then I can do that as well. Combined readings can vary in time and can take an hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours so these readings are charged by the hour and cost a donation of $300 p/hour when you travel to Suzie at her home. 
  • Group Bookings :- (for groups of non-related friends - 4 to 12 people recommended). You can get together a group of friends or acquaintances for a group reading. With group readings I stand or sit in front of the group and pick people out of the group to do short readings on. The number of people in the group and the time allocated would determine if each person in the group has a reading or not. Group Bookings are charged at an hourly rate of a donation of $350.00 per hour and go for a maximum of 3 hours
  • Traveling cost when Suzie is required to travel from Cessnock to your home:- For all bookings that require Suzie to travel more than 1 hour by car from her home or if she is touring with shows, staying in accommodation and doing private readings in the area, then a $50 surcharge applies to all personal and group bookings. 
  • Deposits and Payment:- When you are contacted to arrange a date for your appointment you will be required to pay a deposit of $100. this amount is then deducted from the total cost of your reading. The balance is then paid at your appointment or if having a digital reading via phone or video call the balance is required to be paid prior to your appointment.
  • All proceeds from Suzie's appointments and shows are donated to NewEarthSpirit Foundation participants in New Humanity Collaborative Community assisting with charitable activities around the world.


Psychic Readings

With all readings I connect with the client and try to connect with any spirits connected to them. Some people will be easier to connect with than others and it may take longer to make connections for some people before I can bring through detailed and specific information from spirit for them but by being open and knowing what to expect when having your reading can help you get the most out of your reading.

When booking in for a psychic reading always ask yourself what you would like from your reading? Some people want to know about the future, some will want some guidance or direction, and some people will want to connect with their departed friends and family. As a psychic medium I am able to do all of these in my readings but I do specialize as a medium and enjoy connecting with spirits, I find this is the most rewarding part of my work. When having a reading done with me or any psychic please keep in mind the following:-

  • Messages from spirits are not like talking to another person, information can come to the medium through any of the psychic senses, in sounds, images, smells, feelings and thought.
  • Messages can be hard to interpret and mis-understood at times. Different spirits can communicate in different ways and the psychic doing your reading may ask some questions to determine if the messages are being interpreted the right way.
  • The psychic does not determine the information she is given to pass on. Questions may be asked but there are no guarantees of an answer.
  • Some information may be interpreted wrong both by the psychic and by the client. Many times I have clients who couldn’t relate to the information at the time but later it made sense and they had connected to what was said.

To obtain the best possible reading it is best to;

  • Have an open mind, be open minded and don’t put up walls, this allows the energy around you to flow more freely. Relax!
  • Leave your expectations at the door, You can hope to get specific information but don’t expect to hear exactly what you want to hear. The information received is not up to you or the psychic. You may ask some questions but you won’t always get answers.
  • Acknowledge the information given as correct, nearly correct, incorrect, or unsure, This helps the psychic to know if she is interpreting the information correctly and will help her to understand the messages more clearly, Sometimes more than simple yes and no answers can help the psychic so you can elaborate on some things if you want to but try to avoid over elaborating.
  • Try to remain as quiet as possible, If you are talking too much the psychic may become distracted and the reading may not be as clear.
  • Try to be positive, by putting out positive energy you are more likely to get a better reading. This relates to universal laws, “what you put out comes back to you”.

Psychic Shows

Suzie is often traveling to different cities and towns around 
Australia and the world demonstrating her abilities at psychic shows. 
In her shows Suzie shares her incredible spiritual gifts connecting 
with people from the audience to bring through messages from 
their loved ones in spirit with names and detailed information.
Suzie will share her experiences and answers audience questions. 
To witness Suzie's amazing abilities and have a chance to 
experience an audience reading keep an eye on this page 
for up coming events.

Upcoming shows and events are posted to this website and also to face book.

Tickets are available on line with seperate links for each show, unless the venue becomes sold out there may be tickets available at the door!

All proceeds from sales go to NewEarthSpirit Foundation to assist with charitable work around the world.

To pre-purchase tickets to any up coming shows, please follow the "Buy tickets" link next to the event you wish to attend.


Friday 26th July, 2024

Ghost Whisperer Suzie - Messages from Spirit

Hunter Valley Retreat - 626 Sandy Creek Road. Quorrobolong, NSW

Doors open at 6pm - The show will start at 7pm and will conclude at 9.30pm

Tickets are $60 each, available from the link below

Buy Tickets - click link to purchase tickets


Friday 23rd August, 2024

Ghost Whisperer Suzie - Messages from Spirit

Lithgow Workies Club - Tank Street, Lithgow NSW

Doors open at 6pm - The show will start at 7pm and will conclude at 9.30pm

Tickets are $60 each, available from the link below

Buy Tickets - Click on the link to purchase tickets


Saturday 19th October 2024

Ghost Whisperer Suzie - Messages from Spirit

Weston Workies Club - Government Road, Weston, NSW

Doors open at 6pm - The show will start at 7pm and will conclude at 9.30pm

Tickets are $60 each, available from the link below

Buy Tickets - Click on the link to purchase tickets


 Courses are currently unavailable until further notice



Dear Suzie, I am just writing to you about one of a few readings my mother has had with you in Lithgow. Due to the amount of readings you have done, I am sure you wouldn’t remember. In the reading you said that my mother would win lotto. On 31/12/2021 my mother brought an auto pick in the $80 million Saturday lotto draw. There was 17 division one winners and my mother was one of them. She received $2,352,000! Everything you have said in the readings has been 100% true! You also said my sister would be moving to Queensland, they are moving there next month, you also said my sisters partners health would be fine! They all came true!!! You have mentioned correct names of everyone past and present in our lives! You are truely gifted and my family always talk about all the readings and how accurate you are! You are an amazing woman and help give people positive guidance that always comes true. Your predictions blow our mind and the win fall was not shocking to us as my mum expected it. Thank you for everything you do!

I have recently had an incredibly accurate reading done by Suzie. What she can do is amazing, our reading wasn't done face to face and there is simply no possible way she could have read my body language or facial expressions to make guesses.. The information she provided to me was very specific and the people I have told about it were left as stunned as I was.Suzie, what you do brings joy to many people. Thank you
I have nothing but admiration for suzie ,i was a disbeliever .i lost my mum 11 yrs ago and i thought the whole life after death was nonscense but last year my step mum gave me a reading with suzie as a gift. I have never had a reading before but this lady had me in tears ,how she knew the things only my mum and I discussed is amazing ,even discribed the bed my daughter sleeps in ?????how?? After the pain of loosing my mum I am forever grateful to suzie for showing me my mum is still around and you suzie xxx
This is just a huge THANK YOU from my family following the reading you did for us here yesterday.... We have passed messages on to other family members who were not able to be present yesterday & they are thrilled – although sad they couldn't join us personally. After reading through the notes we have also been able to identify some more of the people who came through. Yesterday you became a part of our family & we welcome you with open arms. Again a huge thank you & we look forward to catching up again.

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You can currently only purchase a copy of my book "Ghost Whisperer Suzie - Heaven on Earth" on line as an ebook or you can have a paper copy delivered by purchasing the book which is available from most online book stores.

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